My name is Joe Pitronaci

I am a Personal Trainer based on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and Hills District

There are no quick fixes or easy ways to achieve your goals but I can help you get a step closer.

What would I know?

I have personally achieved 35 kg of weight loss and continue to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I have changed my life and can help you change yours.


To create a change you first must be willing to break habits and routines that have been instilled in your life. Reaching a goal is great, maintaining the lifestyle and behavioural changes that get you there is the key to ongoing success.

My Objective

To educate clients, to give them the tools and guidance necessary to reach their life vision. To challenge clients consistently to improve themselves. To give support and strategies to overcome barriers.

Find out how to become your best self and live the life you deserve

  • Learn the secrets to losing any amount of weight and keeping it off for life
  • Training packages tailored to your needs

 A healthy life for life

“Being healthy is not a 12 week fad, it is a lifestyle. You deserve to feel good everyday of your life”.

Call me now on 04 1060 2363 to arrange a complimentary assessment.