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In August 2008 I realised I was having trouble fitting into my size 14 jeans – jeans that I bought not more than a couple of months before when I started having trouble fitting into my size 12 jeans! For a couple of days after that I was down and depressed, but then I gave myself a stern talking to and made the decision to “do something about it”. This involved joining a gym – for the third time in my life, with the resolve to actually utilise the membership this time around.

I decided to train with Joe 2 – 3 times a week and have continued that since. The results speak for themselves weight loss to date over 14kg, waist down by 11cm, hips down 14.5cm, legs down 9.5cm, chest down 8.5cm and arms down 5cm. I now easily fit in to my size 12 jeans!

From resistance training to cardio sessions, weights to boxing, kettle bells and stability – each session with Joe uses his range of skills as a Personal Trainer to build on my fitness level. I’m extremely grateful to Joe for his commitment to me as his client and highly recommend him to anyone who has also made the decision “to do something about it”.


After about 1 year of gym membership and many diets later, and even more excuses, I faced facts that things weren’t working and they needed to change.  Especially with my wedding in 7 months!  Even though I had slogged it at the gym about 3-4 times a week, nothing was happening, I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong!  My confidence was at a real low.

I signed up with Joe, and the changes have been incredible.  Not only has been fitness drastically improved, but I have dropped a dress size all in 12 weeks.  I also lost a total of 7cms of my waist!  Joe gave me an exercise & eating plan, and many hard PT sessions! And it has all been worth it.  He was very personable and kept me motivated towards my goal.

I think the best thing was how I felt about myself.  I am full of energy and have my confidence back in body and mind!!



Joseph has more knowledge and expertise than I have (and I’ve been working out, weight lifting and keeping fit in the gym for more than 30 years). He has given me greater motivation, chunks down steps I can take to fit into my busy life the steps to obtain health and fitness. He makes my gym work more interesting and he is a good life coach when I ask advice. He is professional, punctual and I feel like he is a friend as well. I would highly recommend him for weights, motivation, fitness, health and as a regular trainer, to anyone.





I started my training with Joe In September 2009. As I was a new gym member at the time, Joe helped to show me the ropes along with the training I’d need to do to accomplish my goal of weight loss.

Over the years, I did have to stop my training for a while which resulted in me going back to square one. I eventually made the decision that the very moment I was in a position to return to the gym that I would make my fitness an everlasting part of my routine, refusing to go back to a lifestyle which was miserable, smoking cigarettes and eating food just to cope with low self-esteem, especially when it came to how others (especially females) saw me as a person.

From 2011 onwards, Joe has helped to keep me focused on achieving my goals whilst also help my fitness level improve dramatically. With Joe’s help, I have managed to lose 15.7Kgs, along with a noticeably better looking body – 9cm reduction on my chest, 13.5cm reduction on my waist, 9cm reduction on my hips, 7cm reduction on both my thighs and 4cm on my biceps.

Joe has not only helped me realise my fitness potential, but also my passion to become a Group Fitness instructor. I am now noticeably happier and healthier and cannot imagine where I’d be today without Joe’s assistance



I first met Joe in July 2010.  I have always loved sport and exercise and had been going to the gym 5-6 days a week for a long time.

In early 2010, I started to experience a lot of pain throughout my body, which improved with exercise, so I thought that I had just been going hard at the gym – especially as I had been doing more basic training classes.  Unfortunately, by May, I was really unwell and apart from the pain, I felt generally awful, could barely move and struggled to walk on some days.  After being referred to a rheumatologist, it was a huge shock to be told I had an autoimmune spinal disease and was advised not to do any exercise at all.  Apart from the shock of the diagnosis, the thought of not being physically active and having, fun at the gym was more than upsetting.

After being put on some disease-modifying drugs, I started to feel better a couple of months later.  I asked my specialist if there was any exercise I could do and he said cycling, so I ended out at one of Joe’s RPM classes.

As Joe seemed like a reasonable person, did a great class and wasn’t a knucklehead, after the class I asked him some questions about the class as I had only done a couple of cycling classes before.  I ended out telling him about my situation and we talked about PT.  He wasn’t like a lot of the guys at the gym – he was much more thoughtful and seemed to have a genuine interest in PT other than the standard offering you often see being done.  His interest in remedial work really appealed – even though I struggled to accept being in that category as I had always seen myself as fit and healthy.

I figured it is what it is and I just had to get on with it and do what I could about my situation.

It’s now over a year later and Joe has seen me through my acceptance of the disease, my struggle to keep doing what I love to do through a bit of a relapse and then out the other side.  He has always sought to work with the advice I receive from my rheumatologist and worked to improve my core and overall strength, which has helped my condition enormously.  He is sensitive to my physical (and mental) state and modifies my work out on the day if necessary.  He is always supportive and gives practical, do-able advice.  He is also quite hilarious

My disease may not ever go away, but I am stronger and in some ways healthier now than I was a year ago.  From Joe I have learned a lot about my body and how to treat it better and what it is capable of.

I think he’s a great trainer and would recommend him to anyone.



I have been training with Joe for about 4 years and have shrunk as a result! Joe is an expert in his field, is passionate about health and fitness, and completely understands the journey that is weight loss through his own personal experiences. He has been supportive through the ups and downs of losing weight, and has always had words of encouragement. This year has been my biggest success, losing over 15kg since Easter!



I started training with Joe in the lead up to my wedding and am so glad I did! He is a knowledgeable and dedicated to creating programs that suit his clients perfectly. I have gained so much strength, fitness and confidence over 7 months of weekly sessions. Joe builds great relationships with clients and makes every session so much fun that you barely notice how hard he pushes you!

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